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Latest version: 1.3.2

Horizon Planner Light

An easy-to-use project planning tool. Designed for being the world's most intuitive project management software to learn while still having more functionality than most similar tools. For everyone and completely FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Project activity planning
  • Gantt charts and timetables
  • Resource-capability relations
  • Automatic resource assignment
  • Slack and critical path calculation
  • Automatic problem identifier
  • And much more...

Horizon Planner Pro

Professional edition for small to medium businesses with complex requirements and resource constraints.

  • Everything from Horizon Planner Light
  • Report generation
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Advanced resource assignment
  • Capability levels
  • Multiple working schedules / shifts
  • Customer service by email

Horizon Planner Enterprise

Enterprise edition containing all the features of the professional version, enhanced with collaboration tools and seamless integration with the existing IT systems of your business.

  • Everything from Horizon Planner Pro
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Shared plans and document server
  • Changeset logging and rollback
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Customer service by email or phone
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Top Features

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Gantt Charts

Get an overview of your project


See what your team is doing

Availability Indicators

Check who is available any time

Availability Charts

Identify capacity problems

Filtering and Tagging

Find the right person for each task

Problems List

Automatic notifications of problems

Horizon Planner Pro only

Key Performance Indicators

Monitor performance continuously

Horizon Planner Pro only

Report Generators

Create your reports in no time

Horizon Planner Pro only

Activity Contexts

Focus on what's important

Horizon Planner Enterprise only

Shared Project Plans

Collaborate with colleagues

Horizon Planner Enterprise only

Document Server

For organization-wide projects

Horizon Planner Enterprise only

ERP Integration

Optimal planning for your company

Pricing Plans

Compare and choose the pricing plan that suits you the best

Gantt charts
Resource and capability management
Budget planning
Filtering and tagging
Automatic constraint validation
Automatic resource assignment
Import from Microsoft Project
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Report generation
Focused view for subprojects
Capability and certificate levels
Advanced resource assignment algorithm
Public holidays
Automatic updates of public holidays
Available in selected countries only
Multiple working schedules/shifts
XML import and export
File attachments for activities and resources
Industry-specific functionality
Shared project plans
Document server with authentication
Single sign-on authentication
Logging and rollback
Integration with ERP systems
Customer service (email)
Customer service (phone)
Coming soon
Coming soon

About Us


We develop modern optimization based decision support tools for manufacturers, retailers and service producers. We provide rich and creative user experiences using advanced mathematical methodologies, combined with the latest software and hardware technologies.

Our goal is to deliver exquisite custom solutions, designed and developed for individual businesses. As of today we have developed software systems with specialized optimization algorithms dealing with operative, tactical and strategic decision making. We have successfully implemented our solutions for a wide range of challenging problems such as ship scheduling, demand forecasting, purchase planning and inventory control.

Tamás Nepusz

Lead developer

Gábor Reinhardt


Péter Volf


András Hegyi


Tamás Ridinger


Asmund Olstad

Founder, Visionary

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